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Mar. 1st, 2005 08:04 pm
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LOL it's March!...well...Sukisyo is addicting...very addicting...and so かわいい!! Unfountunatly it takes a long time for torrents to download...so I am stuck with waiting...

In April there are some 日本語 students coming to our area/school and our 日本語 せんせい needs some host families, so hopefully my parents will agree...crossing fingers and hoping...

I have two of my manga's characters in their final forms! now I just need to stop being lazy and draw the other four main characters...well at least two of them...I'm going to wait a little while to draw the three girls...mainly until after I get another art book...I did finish an extension to the story (the writing part)! I need to draw a few of the sences though...so that it will be sort of like a manga novel...

Anyways that is about it for today...

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Red - No (If there is something in red that you really want to play out, I may be willing to try it so long as its not otherwise marked)

Black - Yes

Grey - Maybes, just ask per-character


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May. 15th, 2013 03:43 am
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Portal 2 & Half-Life 2 Plot
April ___ - April ___

The Gods of Paradise like having fun. And well, testing is fun. So they've decided to turn the residents of Paradise into their own personal Test Subjects. During the duration of the event Test Subjects will be contained within a special Underground Testing Facility.

Secret Entrance to the Underground Testing Facility between the upper portion of the Northwest & Northeast Quadrants

Each Test Subject will be given an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device or Portal Gun. Portal Guns are able to create Portals between two different locations. By using the Portal Gun, Test Subjects will complete challenges in order to advance through the Underground Testing Facility. Once a Test Subject has completed all testing chambers, they will be rewarded with cake and grief counseling.

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device

Most of the Test Chambers contain dangerous ledges, toxic materials and robots that may be programmed to kill Test Subjects [Portal 2 Mechanics & Hazards]. In the event of the death of a Test Subject they will reappear at the beginning of that Test Chamber. Meaning they will have to go through the entire Test Chamber again in order to proceed. Test Subjects are encouraged to use any materials within the Test Chambers to aid them (such as buttons, cubes, spheres, etc) in completing the challenge. Test Subjects are also welcome to work in pairs in order to not die...as quickly.

After all, this is for entertainment science.

Looking through a Portal into the Underground Testing Facility

Anyone not interested in testing will stay above ground, which of course has been infested with aliens. As well as a failed Utopian society. Doesn't testing sound better now?

Co-Op Test Subjects
Damian Wayne & Selim Kyle

Single Test Subjects

Alien Food
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#Original series

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Player Name: Kate; mellonemrys

Character Name/Journal: Alecsander [Alec] Ryuunosuke Edwards | [personal profile] alecswonderland 
Canon: Ardent Sin [Original]
Application: Link
Age/ Birthday: 6; July 17th
Tamer Class; Partner: Soul Tamer; Buwny - Gummymon > Terriermon > Rapidmon (Armour) > Rapidmon (Perfect) > Saint Galgomon
Voicemail Post: Voicemail
Character Relation Chart: Relationships
Permissions Post: N/A
Abilities/ Powers Information: Magic seems to run through the male line in Rei's family. Because he is so young, his parent's aren't exactly sure how any future abilities may manifest, though Alec is able to control his current abilities to some degree. So far his magical abilities enable him to summon, relocate, and push small objects. He isn't always successful with his magicking attempts, which causes him much frustration. Raito thinks that with enough practice he may be able to move people and larger objects when he's older. Alec calls it 'popping' things because of the quiet popping noise that is made when he does this. There is also a residual burning smell, and what looks like sparks that are left behind where the object formally was. With enough concentration, Alec can also form small, protective barriers.

Mitch had just enrolled him in fencing lessons, but beyond the basic rules, and a few rudimentary sword handling points, Alec doesn't know much about it. Beyond his magic he has good listening and comprehension skills, as well as a very good memory. He speaks English and German with the fluency of a six year old and knows a handful of words and phrases in French, Arabic, Japanese and Pidgin.
Work/School information: Finishing up his Year 1 (Kindergarten) year at Axoryi Elementary.
Living information: Lives with his parents (Mitch & Rei Edwards), his uncle (Raito Hiyama) and their partners in a house on the beach in Axoryi.
Additional information: He has a fear of guns and the sound of gunshots.
I am looking for: Whatever trouble a 6yo could possibly get into! And friends...he needs more friends.

Character Name/Journal: Allen [Al; Allie] Johnathan Edwards | [personal profile] forgedpapers 
Canon: Ardent Sin [Original]
Application: Link
Age/ Birthday: 20; February 21st
Tamer Class; Partner: Soul Tamer; Lopmon - Chocomon > Lopmon > Andiramon > Cherubimon (Good)
Voicemail Post: Voicemail
Character Relation Chart: Relationships
Permissions Post: N/A
Abilities/ Powers Information: Allen can speak and read about a dozen languages. He is a skilled forger and interpreter. He can use some firearms and learned how to fence like his brother, but generally isn't a great fighter. He knows how to drive and service a motorbike.
Work/School information: Works at Mega Auto in Neon City.
Living information: Lives with his boyfriend Duo and his dog Blackie in an apartment in Axoryi.
Additional information: He has great fears of water and drowning, and a lesser fear of fire. He is also on psychiatric drugs, and has a slight limp with his right foot.
I am looking for: Anything...

Character Name/Journal: Camellio [Hatter; David] Theophilus Hatter | [personal profile] hatters_fist 
Canon: Sy-Fy's alice | Post Series
Application: Link
Age/ Birthday: 30; January 27th
Tamer Class; Partner: Spirit Tamer - Steel; Mercuremon > Sefirotmon > Orichalmon > TemperedWisemon > AncientWisemon
Voicemail Post: Voicemail
Character Relation Chart: Relationships
Permissions Post: N/A
Abilities/ Powers Information: He has some knowledge of firearms and sword fighting. But his main weapon is his powerful right punch. Overall though, he isn't the best hand to hand fighter, and would prefer to avoid conflicts. He can talk and charm his way through most obstacles, IE he can manipulate others, especially women, fairly well. Until they catch on to his game, which is when he runs into problems.
Work/School information: Bartender on the Wonderland side of The Looking Glass Night Club and occasionally helps out at the dojo.
Living information: Lives in Axoryi with his girlfriend Alice.
Additional information: N/A
I am looking for: CR PLEASE! T__T

Character Name/Journal: Darten [Dart] Iiiyin Varmel Volgue | [personal profile] turple_vendicular_tech 
Canon: Pareidolia [Original]
Application: Link
Age/ Birthday: 36; August 1st
Tamer Class; Partner: Matrix Tamer; Terri - Gummymon > Terriermon > Gagolamon > Black Rapidmon > Black Saint Galgomon
Voicemail Post: Voicemail
Character Relation Chart: Relationships
Permissions Post: N/A
Abilities/ Powers Information: He is very technically inclined and is willing to build something he needs rather than wait around for someone to invent it. He can also fix almost anything given enough time and the right materials. He's a A Turple Vendicular Technician (or Turp Ven) which is a jack of all trades for the engineering, mechanic, and electronic worlds. They must have a basic working knowledge of nearly every machine, computer, and micro chip, as well as be able to reverse engineer, and fix/ troubleshoot them. There are classes to help teach some of the hands on things, and study guides to help with the memorization, but you can only receive certification by passing all three exams. Exams are only held every other year, and proficiency exams are held every five years to make sure that prior applicants keep up with the times.

He can speak his native language, Cimme, fluently, along with English (which he uses in every day life), and Latin. He can carry a conversation in French and Spanish without much trouble, and knows a little Italian and Russian.
Living information: Lives in a house with his boyfriend Daisuke Morimoto, his future adopted son Daira, and friend Ana.
Additional information: He's allergic to any raw plant material, and any fruits of veggies he eats must be cooked first. He's a Semet which is an alien race which has transparent blood, takes about three times as long as humans to heal, and age almost twice as slowly as humans.
I am looking for: Any CR that doesn't involve fighting.

Character Name/Journal: David [Hodges] Hodges | [personal profile] supertracetech 
Canon: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation | Season 8
Application: Link
Age/ Birthday: 47; March 11th
Tamer Class; Partner: Matrix Tamer; Elecmon - Tunomon > Elecmon > Garurumon (Black) > Were Garurumon (Black) > Metal Garurumon (Black)
Voicemail Post: Voicemail
Character Relation Chart: Relationships
Permissions Post: N/A
Abilities/ Powers Information: Hodges has a very acute sense of smell, he can detect and identify many chemicals that are odorless to most people. He is very aware of details, and notices things at a glance that others would miss. He is also, very good at his job as a trace technician, something that he makes sure everyone knows.
Work/School information: Works at DATS.
Living information: Has an apartment at the Hyperion.
Additional information: N/A
I am looking for: CR...

Character Name/Journal: Kimihiro Watanuki/Doumeki | [personal profile] april1st_kanji 
Canon: xxxHOLiC [Manga] | End of Volume 10
Application: Link
Age/ Birthday: 19; April 1st
Tamer Class; Partner: Soul Tamer; Maru-dashi - Kyaromon > Kudamon > Reppamon > Tyilinmon > Sleipmon
Voicemail Post: Voicemail
Character Relation Chart: Relationships
Permissions Post: N/A
Abilities/ Powers Information: In his world, Watanuki's blood attracted spirits and other supernatural things, all of which he could see. Since that sort of thing doesn't exist in the Digital World however, his only real 'abilities' are his excellent cooking and housework skills. Along with the eye he shares with Doumeki Shizuka. Their shared eye allows Doumeki to see whatever Watanuki sees, including his waking dreams, but it gives Watanuki the ability to better sense the auras of people and objects.
Work/School information: Owns and runs the Duklyon Bakery in Neon City.
Living information: Owns a house with his fiancee Doumeki, with Nadeko, Kazuma and Kazma.
Additional information: He's trying to learn how to protect himself per Doumeki's request by enrolling in MAGI. Also...his poor wedding keeps getting forgotten about/pushed aside.
I am looking for: Antics...more things involving the bakery...

Character Name/Journal: Kiyoteru [Kiyo; Teru] Hiyama | [personal profile] bassplaying 
Application: Link
Age/ Birthday: 29 (looks) - 1 (actual); December 4th
Tamer Class; Partner: Soul Tamer; Hakase - Koromon > Hakase Agumon > Geo Greymon > Rize Greymon > Shine Greymon
Voicemail Post: Voicemail
Character Relation Chart: Relationships
Permissions Post: N/A
Abilities/ Powers Information:  Kiyoteru was programmed to be a teacher as well as a performer. He knows the ins and outs of music, its composition, and styles. He is comfortable playing or teaching any instrument, though his favourite is the bass (electric bass guitar or acoustic stand up). He is also a great singer, though he doesn't normally give voice lessons. His next best subject is math, which comes from both his innately programmed knowledge of music and computers.

Kiyo isn't much of a fighter, but Teru occasionally gets into fist fights, which he ends up getting out of by either sneaking away, or overpowering the other person. He doesn't age, and if his parts are damaged, they are fairly easy to fix. He was programmed to be able to repair minor and cosmetic damage himself. However for any majour work, like replacing large segments of the metal casing he would need the help of someone else, or for another person to do the work for him. He is unable to fix any problems with his programming by himself however, since it requires him to be shut off, his programming downloaded to another computer, then gone over and fixed before re-uploading it.

He appears completely human on the outside, except for the seams in his outer skin. His outer skin peels away to reveal various ports and access panels. He does not have to sleep, rather he recharges by either plugging himself into an outlet or by recharging via solar panels embedded in his skin. He can eat and drink just like any human. And is a fair cook. However unlike a human he does not need to eat to continue to function. Instead, eating and drinking is a novelty that Kiyo enjoys, and Teru uses to get buzzed on copious amounts of alcohol.

Because AHS Co. decided to house their units AI drives in the Kokoro module, it cut off any chance of the AI software being able to use the main HD (brain) as a backup memory storage. Since Kiyoteru's HD was partitioned to run two different operating systems, which then created two sides to his AI software, he has twice as much data building up on his AI drive. In addition to that, his AI drive is housed right next to not only his main power source, but the largest heat producer in his body. Not foreseeing this sort of thing happening to any of their units, AHS Co. did not think to upgrade Kiyoteru after he was activated and this problem became known. Over time, Kiyoteru's AI drive will not only start to fill up with the extra data of a second personality, but it will begin to overheat and malfunction. An upgrade (larger AI drive, with a thicker outer casing to protect from the heat, as well as additional cooling measures) should solve this problem when and if it arises.
Work/School information:  Kiyo works as a math and music teacher at Neon University while Teru plays gigs at the various clubs.
Living information: He has an apartment at the Hyperion in Neon City.
Additional information:  N/A
I am looking for:  CR.

Character Name/Journal: Nokoru Imonoyama | [personal profile] fan_action 
Canon: CLAMP School Detectives | Post Series
Application: Link
Age/ Birthday:  21; February 14th
Tamer Class; Partner: Soul Tamer; Fugu - Pukamon > Gomamon > Ikkakumon > Zudomon > Vikemon
Voicemail Post: Voicemail
Character Relation Chart: Relationships
Permissions Post: N/A
Abilities/ Powers Information: Nokoru is very bad at sports and physical activities, unless it evolves helping a girl. (He seems to be able to sense if there is a girl in trouble within a few hundred yards of him.) He is however a genius and excels especially in the fields of engineering and management. He has an extremely good memory, and knows every female student at CLAMP School, including their handwriting and their daily schedules.

He is very good at using information networks and gathering information on his own. He has unlimited resources and manages to put them to good use to help others. When he doesn't have material resources at his disposal, he uses his deductive and problem solving skills to help.
Work/School information: On leave from working at Dive Weekly and going to school at Neon University.
Living information: Lives with Quatre, Suoh and Akira at Quatre and Suoh's apartment.
Additional information: N/A
I am looking for: Mysteries for Kaichou to solve.

Character Name/Journal: Quatre [Cat; Q; Q-Bean] Raberba Winner | [personal profile] quatre_raberba_winner 
Canon: Mobile Report Gundam Wing | Post Series & Endless Waltz
Application: Link
Age/ Birthday:  18; December 12th
Tamer Class; Partner: Soul Tamer; Saghid Asad [Roan] - Frimon > Leormon > Liamon > Loader Liomon > Bantyo Liomon
Voicemail Post: Voicemail
Character Relation Chart: Relationships
Permissions Post: Here
Abilities/ Powers Information:  Quatre was raised to be the next head of Winner Enterprises and is already a skilled business man and politician. He can speak several languages including English, Arabic, Japanese, and Universal (the common language spoken on Earth and the Colonies). He can play a variety of instruments including the violin, piano and flute. And although he has a passable singing voice he prefers to play an instrument.

Quatre is a Newtype, or new human and as such has increased abilities like reaction speeds, endurance, and a higher learning curve. He is also empathic (referred to in series as his 'uchii no kokoro' or 'space heart') and thus highly sensitive to the feelings of those around him, especially if that person has a close relationship with him. His empathic abilities are also shown to extend somewhat into an ability to read more than just emotions (he reads Heero’s thoughts at one point) in other Newtypes and sensitives.

He is capable of hacking into mid and higher level security systems and can easily navigate through file indexes to find the information he needs. With a fair mind for engineering, he can plan and build everything from mobile suits to housing developments. Because of his quick reaction speeds, endurance and determination, he is a natural pilot. He also has training in various firearms, Sandrock’s shotels, some hand to hand combat and fencing. In addition to his combat training, Instructor H made sure he knew basic field first aid.

Quatre is a skilled strategist and can be counted on to find the most effective battle plan in almost any situation. He has a strong tolerance to pain and drugs, though this causes him to push himself past his limits, and to have bad reactions (such as becoming ill, headaches, and temporary lapses in memory) to strong pain killers and tranquilizers. Pain medications also have a dampening effect on his empathy which has lead him to dislike them as a whole.
Work/School information:  He works for DATS in the Tactical Division and is going to Neon University.
Living information:  He lives in an ocean front apartment with his boyfriend Suoh, their cat Azrak and their friends Nokoru and Akira.
Additional information: During an encounter with Jake Clawson, Quatre had both of his hands amputated by Jake. He now has prosthetic arms (ending just above the elbow) which were created by meshing VOCALIOD and Automail technology.
I am looking for:  CR!

Character Name/Journal: Riku | [personal profile] sliceswithawing Canon: Kingdom Hearts Series | Beginning of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Application: Link
Age/ Birthday: 17; ?
Tamer Class; Partner: Soul Tamer; Mugen - Tokomon > Pico Devimon > Angemon > NeoDevimon > Slash Angemon
Voicemail Post: Voicemail
Character Relation Chart: Relationships - TBA
Permissions Post: N/A
Abilities/ Powers Information: Here
Work/School information: TBA
Living information: Living in an apartment at the Hyperion with Terra and Sora.
Additional information: He's eventually going to join DATS and start going to school.
I am looking for:  CR, new friends, he's still pretty new to the DW.

Character Name/Journal: Takeshi Shukaidou | [personal profile] duklyon_blue 
Canon: CLAMP School Defenders: Duklyon | Post Series
Application: Link
Age/ Birthday: 17; June 21st
Tamer Class; Partner: Soul Tamer; Kote [Kotepon] - Caprimon > Kotemon > Dinohumon > Knightmon > Lord Knightmon
Voicemail Post: Voicemail
Character Relation Chart: Relationships
Permissions Post: N/A
Abilities/ Powers Information: Takeshi is a champion kendouka, and as such is a decent fighter in or out of his Defender armour. He knows his way around sword, and a library (not that the second is horribly useful). He is also able to transform into the Blue Duklyon Defender (magical suit transformations for 500 please!). His Duklyon sword can easily slice through enemies (of the crack & fail horribly family) and is even more powerful when used with Kentarou in their 'Duklyon Final Crush' finishing move.

He is aware of Kentarou's forth walling, and generally tried to keep him from attacking/writing angry letters to/getting the attention of their creators. He doesn't really do any of this himself, as it falls under the 'silly and annoying things' category.
Work/School information:  He works for Watanuki at the Dukylon Bakery.
Living information: Lives in an apartment with Kentarou in Asuka.
Additional information:  N/A
I am looking for:  Things for the fail Sentai to do!

Character Name/Journal: Thomas [Mitch; Mitchi] Mitchell Edwards III | [personal profile] euroloper 
Canon: Ardent Sin [Original]
Application: Link
Time Skip Application: Link
Age/ Birthday:  53; June 1st
Tamer Class; Partner: Soul Tamer; Patamon [Patti/Pat] - Tokomon > Patamon > Angemon > Meramon > Flaremon
Voicemail Post: Voicemail
Character Relation Chart: Relationships
Permissions Post: N/A
Abilities/ Powers Information: Mitch is a historical encyclopedia, able to recite dates and names at the drop of a hat. He adapts well to other cultures and knows how and when to blend in or make himself noticeable. He learns things quickly and is an amateur translator. He can speak English, French, German and Arabic fluently. And knows enough to carry a conversation in half a dozen other languages.

He knows how to use and maintain a variety of side arms, and has taken fencing lessons for most of his life. When provoked to hand-to-hand combat, Mitch is able to draw on the things he learned from various experiences with military friends, his trips around the world. His formal training in hand-to-hand is very limited however. He is also a decent forger and improviser when it comes to tight situations.
Work/School information:  He is the head librarian at the Axoryi Library and works as a bar tender on the real world side of the Looking Glass Night Club.
Living information:  He lives in a house with his fiancee Rei Hiyama, their son Alec, daughter Monako, and soon to be brother-in-law Raito.
Additional information: N/A
I am looking for: CR.
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Been sick...so I've been doing lots of reading. But I've gotten a lot of original writing done too. Over 12,000 words in about two weeks, which is a lot more than I had been doing. Now if I could only keep this up throughout November...

But yeah, writing! Writing is good. Even if its just backstory stuff for characters. And I updated Ardent Sin's character list (still not done with that >_>) and dear god its massive already. Thank god for once this plot line takes 10 years to complete! It gives me an excuse to have a billion and one characters to rotate through as they either die or are no longer useful to the plot!

Now I just need to get myself to work on story, and not side and back story and we're golden! Maybe that will be the incentive for NaNo...get actual STORY written! Then I can give it to people to read and they can tell me it sucks needs work.

Also started on a map of Atlantis, because apparently my brain hates me. *sigh*

Well, back to writing.
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Thanks for anyone who saw my original post and submitted fanfic or comics to the contest! Novel/ Novella length and comics 50 pages and over submissions are closed, but we'll still take anything 10,000 words or less, or 50 pages or less up to 9pm (Pacific Standard Time) on September 4th!

Link to the complete rules -> Kumoricon Fanfiction Contest Rules

- Kate
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Most epic part of con thus far: Getting not only Amano's autograph but a personal introduction to him and a picture with him thanks to Mike Gambos at Dark Horse!


The rest of today's pics!
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So another long, long, day...but filled with stuff!

No I'm not making a whole lot of sense! Oh well!

Doctor Who bags are still being elusive...BUT I got the Jamie and the Adam Mythbusters bags! Whoot! And sigs from the new Dark Crystal peps, and other random people I kinda don't really know who they are...and I completed my HP poster set and got buttons and the Comic Con exclusive Doctor Who Banner bag which they made out of a giant banner adverting the latest series and! I'll just let you look at the pictures for the rest!

Link -> Same Album, More pics!
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So, after worrying sick about my volunteer badge and whatnot I had absolutely no issues with it, and the people I went with had an extra industry badge any how!

We went to preview night yesterday, which is only about 10% of the attendees. You get to check out the dealer's hall, artist's alley and the fan booths and get a head start on your swag for the weekend.

Today I woke up at 6...of course. We discovered BBC was giving out Dr. Who bags...but missed them by about 5 mins (we're stalking the booth tomorrow!). Then we went around the dealer's hall again since I was mostly asleep last night. I got a Wing Zero Custom model kit, all the CLAMP no Kiseki volumes I didn't have yet for $8 each! A black Mokona plushie, the Comic Con exclusive Dr. Who t-shirt, Comic Con exclusive concept art prints of Captain America and Thor, and this year and last year's volunteer shirt.

I went to Lynn Flewelling's panel and signing today. The panel was interesting...had 5 other fantasy writers on it. She signed my copy of White Road and a pic of Seregil I did real quick today. I'm going to draw Alec as well and try to have her sign it on Saturday, and get stuff signed for Jeni, Kasa, Aud & Sandi.

I am volunteering and got assigned to H Hall, which is the mega huge panel room that they do most of the movie previews in. We were basically directing traffic at the doors, and Simon Pegg walked by and asked me directions to the back stage area...yes I kinda just stood there for a moment and gaped at him like an idiot pointed him in the right direction and totally didn't ask for an autograph.

That's pretty much it so far!

OH! I have a super secret plan to try and make the Harry Potter 7 sneak.

Here's a link to pictures...though there aren't too many, I need to take a ton more!

Comic Con Photos 2010 - Preview Night and Thursday!
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Going to San Diego Comic Con! Yay!

And here's a fun meme a friend showed me ->
(Dan Brown...reassuring, no? I must put in more writing samples and check the results.)

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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So I kinda talked myself into running a GW panel at Kumoricon this year. (it doesn't help that our Programming Director is a huge GW fan and that she helped convince me to run it...)

Anyway, I've been collecting video footage (WHOOT ODDS & EVENS!), pictures, information, etc...and thought it would be cool to include other fan's 'best and worst' experiences in the fandom. I'm putting together a video presentation to open the panel's first hour (which will be PG13), close it, then open the second hour (which will be R).

So if anyone would like to contribute, or pass the word along, please do!

(Also, if you have cool fic/ links to fic or fanart or even just official art that'd be cool!)

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So, I've been working on a prequel for 'Musings at 6:02 am'...and its grown into a large project. (But to be honest, what doesn't with me!? *has too many ideas!*)

Its going to be a song fic, which I'm turning into a large multimedia project to present at Fanfiction Bedtime Stories at Kumoricon this year.

Anyhow, I did the first background for the multimedia portion tonight, and thought I would share. Outside the Piano Lounge

I'm really excited about this fic actually, even though I'm at 6,000 some words and I'm not even half done. It's just one of those fics that I think I'd enjoy reading...dunno.

It's in 1st person (it switches between Duo and Quatre's POVs), which even though I hate reading, I tend to write often enough.

Here's the first 1,000 some words (it starts with Duo's POV)...if anyone cares for a sneak peak so to speak. I'm not sure when it will be done...hopefully by the end of July, since for the multimedia thingy I plan on recording the 'dialogue' to play against the illustrations and have the songs inserted in with the dialogue.

I think Duo swears a little in this section, but it isn't too bad...(PG13 I'd say)

Not Gonna Write a Bad Romance for You )
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Hey everyone,

So I'm the Fanfiction Coordinator for Kumoricon (in Oregon) again this year, and we're running a fanfic contest again. [livejournal.com profile] dentelle_noir  (Ashley) won one of the categories (Novella if I remember correctly - And I WILL get you your prizes, when I can pay for the shipping...>_>) with Keep in Time, last year.

Anyone is welcome to enter! No matter your experience level, your location, or fandom! Feel free to link your friends to this and encourage them to enter.

One thing to note is that we CANNOT accept Mature or R rated fics for this contest. If you have a Mature or R rated fic that you'd like read at our Adult Fanfiction Bedtime Stories, and thus entered for that category, send me an email: mellonemrys@gmail.com    and we'll talk!

Link to Rules: Kumoricon 2010 FF Contest Rules

Novellas (
10,000 - 39,999 words) & Novels (40,000+ words) / Webcomics & Manga (50+ Pages) - Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Snail mail submissions - Saturday, August 14th, 2010

E-mailed submissions - Saturday, August 28th, 2010

At-con submissions - 9:00 PM, September 4th, 2010

Also, I'm looking for fics to act as filler content for a panel I started last year, called 'Old, Bad, Fic'

It's basically an hour and a half of reading your older fanfiction, and getting to laugh about it with other attendees. What I'm hoping for is a few extra drabbles to fill in the time slot in case not enough people bring their own things to read. I'd be reading your fic, unless you happen to make it Oregon for the con! And you'd be credited by which ever name you prefer, and I can also make links to your other work available if you want!

Panel description:

Do you still have that fanfiction you wrote back in 2001? How about that horrible one-shot you've been hiding in your notebook for years? 'Old, Bad, Fanfiction' is an opportunity to dust off the floppy disks and take your more embarrassing attempts at fanfic out of their hiding places to share with other writers and listeners! Please only bring your own fanfiction, written by you. If your piece was a collaboration, you must have permission from the other collaborators to share.

- Kate
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My mom is changing internet providers soon, so my old email (khummer@teleport.com) won't work anymore.

My gmail: mellonemrys@gmail.com - which has been acting as my main email for the past year or so, will now be my only email.

- Kate
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So I've been writing again, which is a very very good thing. Especially since it's for Ardent Sin, that massively huge project I've mentioned before. I finally (as of last night) have most of the major plot points worked out, so now its a matter of working on a good starting point for the story, and hashing that out in some kind of script form...or something. *shrug* It'll come together better once I sit down and actually start on it.

Anyhow I have a few little snippets that I've written just for the sake of writing honestly. (It also helps that I'm exploring some of these characters more too!)

The world of Ardent Sin is an alternate history, exploring what could have happened had the German Empire won WWI/ The Great War. It is also set in a fantasized version of the world, where magic is practiced, mythical creatures roam, and the Kingdom of Atlantis still stands proudly in the waters of the Mediterranean, guarded by her Warriors.

I've only slightly edited these myself, so the grammar is probably horrid, and mistakes are sure to abound! Sorry!

- - -

First one is set in August of 1916 (during the middle of the War) and centers around Geniveve (Warrior Lupa), and Christina (Warrior Tigra) and their budding friendship (which later turns into something much deeper).

Warnings: Fluff, back-story that may not be understood, and mild shoujou-ai.

The Trickster Out-Tricked )

- - -

This second snippet is set in January of 1918, and centers around Dyan, younger sister to Warrior Equua. Honestly this piece is the story behind a running joke that Dyan is the butt of later on in the story. But I thought it had to be written.

Warnings: Mild swearing (and singular use of the 'f-word'), a little bit of innuendo.

The Wall )

- - -
The final piece is a bit longer, and set much later as Atlantis tries to help fix the mess in Europe and unseat the Germans from their European throne. Set in March of 1927, it focuses around Florian, one Geniveve's younger brothers (the one mentioned in Trickster), and Em a French born gypsy, who is well versed in magic and alchemy.

Warnings: Mild innuendo and shounen-ai.

Found Without a Compass )

- - -
I'd greatly appreciate any comments, notes, concerns of the 'confused' notion.

Characters and Story (c) Me and JeniOctavia
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Iron Man opens at Midnight...tonight, seeing as its 2, almost 3 in the morning.

I've been working on art for the theatre for the past two days and have a 14 hour shift to get stuff done coming up today.

I did see the movie on Tuesday night. I liked it, even horribly sleep deprived...which might have fueled the rampant plot bunny that has not left me alone. There needs to be an Iron Man 2 - Gundam Wing fusion. In all honestly I spend most of the movie figuring out how it would work. My cast list for it is kinda fail, and needs some work, but we have an employee screening at 6 in morning on Sat. So, maybe after another viewing it'll help me get it worked out...((I would be super psyched if someone else wrote this! Since I feel guilty that I have so many fics unfinished at the moment.))

Any how...I hate drawing mecha *stabs giant pics of Iron Man I've been drawing*...and am tired of looking at Mickey Rourke's face. >_>

And it is time for bed.
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Off to Seattle for the weekend! (yes that means I'm escaping movie-land for a full weekend free of Titans clashing in 3D - yay me!)

Getting geared up to do our project picture promotion! (project picture is a promotion that is required by corp. that we make a giant scrapbook of, are graded on, and can possibly win money for!) The next one is Karate Kid which opens in June, and I'm determined to top my work on our Alice in Wonderland promo (which got in the top five for the IMAX Promotion contest!). I think I have the entire decoration concept worked out, and have gotten in contact with some groups already who are interested in working on the promo. I'm a little annoyed that this remake is set in China, and not actually about Karate (or includes Japanese culture), but I know a fair amount about Chinese culture, and what I don't know, I've been teaching myself. Only problem is that my knowledge of the Chinese language is limited to the kanji I know because of Japanese...sooooooo I may enroll my co-worker's parents for help on some translations before she leaves this summer.

Anyhow, I'm excited!

And slightly pissed they keep adding IMAX movies onto my work load. Prince of Persia!? Really!? And the week after Shrek 4 opens in IMAX...apparently they are trying to kill the promo people at IMAX theatres.

From now till mid July we've got promos for:
Iron Man 2
Shrek 4
Prince of Persia
Sex in the City
Karate Kid
Toy Story 3
Last Airbender

Nine promotions spread over 11 weeks...yeah, I'm soooooooo going to enjoy going to Comic Con after all that...it'll be a much needed vacation!

That's the work side of things...haven't been doing much else. I've been role playing a bit at [livejournal.com profile] digital_dive  which is amusing. And I've been working on a bunch of photoshop projects - banners, maps for Dive, flyers for work - nothing too horribly exciting, but its fun.
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So, I've been making Mini Banners for the characters in Digital Dive. It started out just as a personal project so I could have banners on my character's bios to link to the other characters they knew. But I've since expanded it to include all the characters at Dive...since I apparently like giving myself projects to do.

The banners are linked to the character's name and are listed alphabetically by series.

This will be updated as I finish more of the banners.

Completed Casts:
'A' - Series
CSI & CSI Brainbreakers
Gundam Wing
Original - Ardent Sin
Original - Pereidolia

Here is the N-Z portion of the list:
Original Characters

Read more... )Dr. Finitevus [[livejournal.com profile] warp_ring_tech Read more... )

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