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It's sort of a long post so I cut most of it for you! )

Loveless stuff...cause you have all heard enough of it in the past two days ^^; )

THE KUMORI-CON LIST....*bum bum bum bum*
Ten Ten: Sat & Sun
Emily: Sun
Kira: Sat & Sun
Caitlin: Sat & Sun
xdnangel: ?
Caitlin M: Sat & Sun (if she can get a responsible adult, posiably Eric)
Enrique-san (otouto, his pet name ^^;): Status pending...
Eric/ Yoshi: Finding out tomrrow...(God I hope he an come! It would be a day full of crack!)

Does anyone know what time it starts? Anyone? (me not pre-reg-ed, thus not sure if they sent out e-mails with the info or not...) and could anyone's parental unit be my responsible adult if Yoshi can't come? Thankyou!

Now I should go to bed...going to get up at 9 and go watch Yoshi and other geeks fight with live steel! Yay! (I'm such a geek ^^;)


Aug. 27th, 2005 12:24 am
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When is everyone going to Kumoricon? Days I mean...Emily said she is going the second day (Sun. 4th), I'd like to know cause I still need to work out if I can go or not...and how I am going to get there...thinking if my parents would drop me off at max then I could ride it down since it stops right by the hotel ^^ (so glad for UU cons and random max rides ^^), or they might be willing to drop me off at the hotel in the morning...but I would rather have them only have to make one trip, so max in the morning and pick me up in the evening...unless my parents get weird and want an adult with me at all times -_- wouldn't put it past them to think that...
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Okay well decided the other post was already toooooooo long to update it anymore, plus it's been like 12 hours since I posted it so I don't feel bad about spamming! ^_-

Anyway...Loveless is taking bloody FOREVER to download...yes you already knew that ^^ just reminding you who may read this ^^ as of now eppy 4 and eppy 5 have about 2 hours left...and eppy 1 and 6, well you don't wanna know -_-

And I got married to Caitlin! o.O how you ask? [ profile] marry_a_ljuser is how ^^ *smiles* lookie at our pretty post which includes wedding plans! HERE! CLICK ME! and then we started rp-ing a little bit! Fluffy fun-ness! heh yeah fluff!

now back to writing Spiral/ watching eppy 3 of Loveless (only 1 of the 2 that have finished since yesterday T_T)
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Read this only if you really really want to...Otakon final rant(about it being far away...not going), Loveless downloads, Reading my flist, and a really really long list of to do's...-_-... )

Okay now time for happy/ random dialogue/ficlets!!! Remember I own none of the anime/ manga characters involved (except my Ed Muse), and most likely none of these conversations would take place in the original context of the series it is from....Spoilers are marked, and there may be shonen-ai or shoujo-ai...which is not marked...sorry you get what you get ^^

My Ed Muse and Me ^^ )
Me & Cousin...FMA spoilers...for I have no idea when...but beware...true story! )
Shaman King&FMA!...spoilers?...most likely )
Ayumu&Eyes, Kanone, Hiyono...spoilers for up to volume 13, and 14 )
Quatre&Trowa, me )

Make a dialogue/ ficlet request!!! With a fandom I know (see interests for the most part)! Please! *puppy dog eyes*

Updates!!! )
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hi well yeah...

I've sort of been out of it the past week...I guess it started when my grandma got up here on the 1st. First off she's crazy and bi-polar, doesn't remember half of what she says (the other half doesn't make sense), and she should be in a retirement home becuase she can barely function alone. she came up here from napa ca. to her house in beaverton and called at 9 in the morning for me and my mom to bring her breakfest, that second...yeah not really a great start.

so now grandma's here and wants help moving crap around, then the next day she wants my mom to direct people to move her crap there a hole in that logic, yes?

so my mom is going off the deep end with the combo of her mom driving her crazy and the pirate reinactment group that she belongs to going to pieces cause the people that haven't quit yet (a total of 6 or so) are basards to say the least...the captain quit which sort of gives you a hint...

mom is going off the deep end beacause of pirate and mother crap so it affects everybody...i've been telling her that i don't like being at ren faires EVERY weekend...she doesn't get the hint...she says i'm not old enough to stay home alone...heh funny, this rule didn't come into affect until i started high school (did i decrease in age over the past two years?)

i've been battling her crap, my brother is a sissy i am sorry to say and my dad is just a jerk who doesn't know when to quit annoying you, hence why my mom says she is going to divorce him after me and my brother get out of the house...which means until then we have to deal with their crap...

anyways thats sort of what's been going on in my lovely little home...i have been baby sitting this week and will next week too...the little girls are interesting to say the least...2 and 5...they play for five minutes...then one of them is crying... -_- ...the boys who are older (thank god) are content with playing i let them and mediate the girls all day...

my grandma well grandpa when he was alive got a computer (my uncle forced him to get it saying he could do his taxes online...ha...he didn't do taxes for almost 20 years he's going to do them on the comp...) anyhow making long story short my grandma has it she can't see the sceen and will never use it yet is going to pay $20 a month to have internet...(this is some of the craziness...) so I asked my mom to talk to her about maybe giving it to me...well fir mom said 'oh i'm sure she'd love to give it to you' been a few days of going over there to help move/ direct crap...'oh you know she never likes to give things up' i don't think my mom has even least directly, which why ask a crazy person something indirectly?

but with the money i get from babysitting along with the money in my account already i might be able to barely get a comp close to what i want...unfortunatly i would need about $70 more dollars...i can wait until my birthday next month though...but i really sort of wanted my own comp with internet before the school year...i think i might just pop the question to my grandma on monday...and get it over with, i'm tired of my mom pussy footing around the topic...

besides all this i still need to read the advanced english book, i want to rearrange my room, finish many fan fics/ fan art...need to get and read the 6th harry potter book...etc...all before school starts hopefully

oh and my mom finally agreed to let me stay home tonight and then go over to kira's tomorrow...i feel really bad imposing on her though...and on such short notice...but i don't think i could have lasted the weekend weekend should be even more intertaining...more ren faire...i'm going to call my cousins in salem and ask to stay there, i don't care that my dad and brother will be home, it's almost worse being with them

okay that's enough crap...i don't even feel like writing at the moment i just want to watch a movie or something...something that takes limited brain cells...yeah bye
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True Story. A religion teacher assigned her class an essay on what makes a good Christian. One student wrote about praying nightly, say no to abortion, banning gay marriage, and donating money. The other student wrote about talking to God and allowing people to enjoy their lives, and supporting gay marriage. The day the teacher was to hand the papers back, she called up the second student and told him she would pray for him when he went to hell. The student asked why would he be going to hell, and why he got an F on his paper. The teacher told him that Catholisim is against gay marriage. The student looked at her for a minute, then said aloud, "I'm gay." The teacher kicked him out of class as if he had said fuck or worshiped Satan. A girl in the back of class who had a boyfriend and was obviously straight got up and left too.

If you would leave the classroom, repost this. It doesn't matter if you're straight, bi, or gay. It doesn't matter if you're catholic or not. Everyone is a human being and deserves happiness.


Aug. 4th, 2005 04:22 pm
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okay well just wanted to let people know ahead of time i'm going to be gone tomorrow through sunday so yeah...not sure when or if i'll be on today.
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yay i'm getting a new cell phone ^^; a flippy one ^^

and kenji ^^ really starting to love him and all his little quirks ^^ i even drew him chibis last night ^^

and fanfics: i read a really good chapter's not done but i'm loving it (oh GW one)

and gohou drug: they have only published one 1/5 of the story!!!! yikes...the magazine they were running it in stopped so they are looking for somewhere else to publish...sad i want more!!! but first i need the 3rd vol.

and other stuff...birthdays this month...cousin ashley...caitlin m...and uh...other peps...^^; *most likely forgetting someone...*
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okay, today has been a bit strange...first off i have only had about 2 1/2 hours of sleep in the past 30 hours...and not at the same time either!!!! i have a headache to match it...GW fan fics just kept wanting to be written...i worte 3, finished three and i have been randomly obsessing over T.A.T.U.

the really annoying thing was that at 9 this morning (right as I was about to try and sleep) my grandma called since she had just gotten into town from napa ca. i handed off the phone to my mother who had slept and went to sleep for an hour, then she woke me up we went to the store got my obaasan breakfest and a few other things. then we visited did dishes etc...until 3ish....then we had to go to craft stores and goodwill (for an hour at which point i slept in the car) we had dinner at panda express and then tried to deal with cell phone stuff from hell and now we are back home and i have been catching up on fafner_rpg-ness...yeah that was my 30 hour day

oh last night me and my mom watched the others...i figured out most of the plot in the first five minutes...which is really sad...but my brother and dad are gone at boy scout camp for a week ^^!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! well need to go edit a post look over some fics and see if the muses are biting, maybe get sleep in somewhere...i can hope at least ^^;
mellonemrys: (Default)'s almost 6 in the morning and I haven't gone to bed yet...hmmm problem....I have too many ideas for this one thing i want to do!!!!!!! and the fact that i woke up at two today most likely doesn't help. i think i need to post for 30_kisses...i have an idea but i'm not sure if it works for a theme now that i think about it...damn...and the stupid cat is driving me crazy!!!!!!! ah yes re-obsessing over gohou drug, which is why i can't yeah bad...going to attempt to draw i suppose, do something for 30_kisses too...sigh...why is it so early?
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hey I accutally posted some of my amvs on ^^ yay!!! I stopped being lazy and figured out how that is...heh...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a Beppo ICON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heh...done now...i also want to see if i can find this one screen cap from inuyasha...the hell painter episode, where inyasha keeps fainting from the combo of blood and ink!!! he's so cute in that eppy ^^
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Today in History from the History Channel (see website for more ->

July 22

1598 The Merchant of Venice is entered on the Stationers' Register )

1933 Wiley Post flies solo around the world )

1947 Albert Brooks is born )

I always think it's cool to know what happened on certain days...these are some of the nicer things...there were a bunch of not so nice things too...but happy is good ^^ me and my mom also watched a whole program on the French Revolution last night so I'm on a bit of a history high at the moment...^^; I really love the History Channel!!! Yes I'm a history buff...shoot me...anywho life is fairly good...I actually worte some more for my story then realized I had already written the part that I wrote (a much better version) but just hadn't typed it yet >_< evil...I might take some things from the new version and keep them though...I do like some of it...

Oh watched the Naruto movie, it was good but Naruto was the focus of too much of the movie...Sasuke and Sakura hardly did anything...and now I want to go bug Paige and barrow manga and anime from her...which is bad since I haven't EVER watched the anime and I haven't read the manga for almost two years which all leads to a whole bunch of catch up T-T....
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meh...comp is being stupid and norton takes a really long time to check everything...i did however finish a drawing of i must scan, photoshop, print, re-scan, adn color...then print finished...he looks so cute in a suit ^^ Hi-chan was very right!!! I also came up with another character for Dantai no i need more, but Regilus was sooooo lonely, which it's funny i pity him...i don't like him much oh I just need to finish the pic of Tamoe...stupid pants!!! >_< and I want to draw another pic of Hi-chan to complete the set...well to fully complete i need favon and gah...damn can't think of his name...and i don't want to go up stairs right now...

I DREW A GIRL!!!! yes i did ^^ which makes me EXTREMELY happy even if Keiga does sort of look strange with wavy hair...i sort of like it wavy and since i don't remember think of how she really looks i think it will stay...don't really like the eyes, but i think they suit her personality well, that's what made me think that it should be Keiga...i just started the drawing randomly...
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Grrr...why does X remind me of a story idea I got about 2 months ago!? Maybe it's all the death involved...yeah that's probably it...and that story idea sort of reminds me of Jinreki... -_- ...annoying train of thought...and that story idea is sort of scary since it was a dream I had...first thing that happens to the main character (not sure on name yet...something with an 'm'...I kept thinking Mytho and Mithos...but now I'm using Micheal...not sure it it works yet though.) is he is basically become an assaian for a group that works sort of for the devil sort of for no real reason...then the main character ends up killing first random man, then his father, then is about to kill a servant girl that finds out he works for the Orekasa (need to check my notes but i think that's's the group)'s all very morbid in my mind but for some reason I really want to make it a manga...

And Kira, what kind of powers/ weapons does Tamoe have...drawing him but I want to see if I can somehow incorperate that into the pic...

Why am I just now getting tired!?? It's 3:30 in tlhe bloody morning!!! -_- this I want to draw character pics for the above story which I have been avoiding...X is giving me more ideas for how to do things in the story too...grrr...
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Kay, well yesterday I finally got my books in the mail!!! ^^ GW Ground Zero, GW Art Book and Artemis Fowl Opal Deception!!! Heh...already finished Opal Deception and I think I beat my record for reading an Artemis Fowl...less than ONE DAY fornt to back (was up till 5 this morning then picked it up agian this afternoon ^^ after sort of sleeping till 1-ish). It took me two days to finish the 3rd one...if memory serves. So now all I need is to own the 3rd book...mi hermanito does >_< and I'll have the entire series, then I just need one other book and I have all of Eoin Colfer's books!!! Muuuwaaahhaaa!!!

Yes I love Artemis Fowl and I was about to kill myself from waiting to see if there would be a fouth and then I waited almost FOUR months after I found out there was a fourth until I got it yesterday...I really should have re-read the first 3 when I had the it's only 8 days and counting until The Half-Blood Prince comes out but for some reason having to wait for...lets see alomst 3 years for it has made it seem a bit pointless to go get it right I still have to read a predicted extremely boring book and write five mini essays for English class as summer's not fair that only the advanced class gets summer homework!!!

I also need to finish Boy Meets Boy, and The Lost Songs of Merlin, and I have a strange craving to read The Dragon Riders of Pern. There is also my list of unfinished books: Alice in Wonderland, Ender's Game series, Dragon's Milk, Lord of the Rings, Jarassic Park 2, Divinici Code, Deception Point, and most likely a few others that when I look at my book shelf will say 'Save us from the shelf!!! Read us PLEASE!!!' oh Golden Compass...god that book is too long...and there are two more of them!!! T-T Plus I'll have to start over...sadness...Amoung the Hidden series...have to actually read the 3rd one...I've only started it twice...should read Dune...but not going to, should read Narina series...not going to...should read 2nd adn 3rd when it comes out Rainbow Boys...most likely will...once school starts again, should finish Kiddnapped...not going to...should read the all the books that I spent time to oraginzed by author...but some I most likely won't ever read...or at least finish...

Okay I think that was a long enough rant on books...^^;

Need to add Artemis Fowl and Eoin Colfer to my favorites list!!! O.O Cause for some reason they aren't there yet!!!

And yes when it comes to summer reading asignments, listen to Nokoru: Procrastination is the definition of life!!! But at least finish with a day to spare...unlike last year...heh ^^;

Edit/ Update since whenever I posted this...
-Well I am very happy now, I managed to finish editing and post a Spiral fic for 30_Kisses and wrote some other thing to save for later...need to remember to post it though...and Hi-chan and Favon muses might actually let me draw them ^^ but I think the other drawing muses are still being stupid...namely Evangelion and GW >_< evil little b@$t@rd$...the Eva muse did suprise me with a really cute Shinji chibi and a really good start to Kaworu ^^ 'bishi' ^^ heh...need either two chibis or two normal though, have been thinking about trying to just use the pic the way it is very lazy at this point and doesn't want to squash the very new muse which may be of use later.

But now I think the random FMA muse might be taking over...he is very tricky...Ed is evil that way...he is the only muse that has a real form and name >_< and I think he enjoys it a bit too much sometimes..might be the Roy FST...heh even if my Ed muse doesn't want the pairing to happen (which he doesn't)...I will make it happen ^____^ at some point in time!!! and guess what there is a Roy muse and he says fan art NOW!!! ;)

oh and talked to Ten Ten for the second time...must talk with her more...make the mental note...good ^^;

need to make icons...not really but i half want to...and banners...and want to write fan fics and draw fan art...actually NEED to draw fan art...that is why the muses left >_<

k, enough of an update...till tomarrow or whenever I next post ^^

P.S. Ed, Roy says he's waiting ^^


Apr. 25th, 2005 02:34 pm
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hmmm....been awhile.....made two amvs.......garrrrrrr............i want to work on these characters........Maki and Destiny........funny.......^^.......Maki is soooooooo cute and little......wellllllllllll.......this is all I can think of at the moment....I want to sleep....
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Lol! This is a character I made right after I finished volume 1&2 of Gamer's Heaven!
Read more... )
Edit: Gah! He's so cute...the writing by the way doesn't really have a direction...I started in the middle of the page then on the left, then the right , then the top, and top get the idea...I need to type it all up and sort through it...putting backstory together(in order), personality...I want to use him for the Wandering rp...

Edit: Yay!!! I actually sifted through all of the notes and typed them up all pretty!!! Now to make a Maki icon!!!
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Yay!!! another Four Panel!!! More 火ちゃん!!! And センセイ!!! Involving 火ちゃん's sudden obsession with chopsticks!!!

Here is the first 4's a crossover with Kira's and my stories...火ちゃん & フェボン!!!'s inked but I decided not to tone takes to long on the computer to tone...

Read more... )
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Grr...anyone know how to move this colum over to the right side!!!??? Please tell me if you do...
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Ahh!! Too much anime...books...drawings! I need a break but oh well I love everything and I want to do it all!!! Oh yes and too much homework...can't forget that...must scan, burn, draw, write, ink, do homework, make icons, translate, color scans, post scans...grrrrrr....I want a hundered years were I didn't have to sleep or worry about homework! Then I could finsh some of this...oh yes work on manga, watch anime, read real books, find manga to read, read fan fics...the list might go on...I just don't know any more!

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