Apr. 3rd, 2005 07:02 pm
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Gah! I just got 7-11 of Spiral...if you think the anime was twisted it's nothing compared to the manga!!! One volume eveything is happy (well as happy as Spiral can be) then Kanone comes in and...it gets very dark, very fast!!! And I really was starting to like Kanone...

Yay! I get to help http://www.aria-of-logic.net translate Spiral! The webmaster is really behind and said that she would love some help since they won't be able to work on it till the end of May...I just got the scans from Nasako!!! Yes! This means I have a reason to translate!!!
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Mt. St. Helens gave another hiccup...kakkui des ne...boys cannot get posters done within an hour without help and Happy Guy is mean and steals chiisai totoros...(beware...the totoro stealing Happy Guy!!!). Garr must write more of fanfic...and yay no homework! and yay last day of school for the week is to marrow! and yay Japan Night to marrow! and yay Megumi and Rie Sensei are here! and yay I got to drive around the block for the first time ever!!!! (no that is 'and yay SCARY!!!!!!)...all done now...


Mar. 8th, 2005 02:33 pm
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Lets see...not much since yesterday...I slept for 13 hours last night...which is why nothing much happened...and I started on a poster for our Japan Night (which I need to sound like I am better so that I can stay after school so I can finish...) and Megumi Sensei is coming!!! Even though I didn't really ever meet her...kakui!!!! And we are making a giant Totoro poster for her after school....still can't believe Megumi Sensei would come all the way from Japan for one little one night party/ festival...thing in Oregon...sugoi! Dedication! I'm leaving Oregon to go to Japan as soon as humanly possiable to study there...hopefully with Kana san...that would be fun...need to translate more Spiral!!!! ^^;

Also need to write more of Sprial fan fic...Yay! Ayumu Eyes....the evil pairing that I am not buying and translating the manga for.... >.< But I shall write all 30 fics!!!! (see 30_Kisses comm if confused....) Need to re watch spiral....in which case I will hurt myself alot for even thinking of writing Ayumu Eyes fics!!!! I blame Kana san and my over reactively imaginative brain....and not enough homework to keep it mush....
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LOL it's March!...well...Sukisyo is addicting...very addicting...and so かわいい!! Unfountunatly it takes a long time for torrents to download...so I am stuck with waiting...

In April there are some 日本語 students coming to our area/school and our 日本語 せんせい needs some host families, so hopefully my parents will agree...crossing fingers and hoping...

I have two of my manga's characters in their final forms! now I just need to stop being lazy and draw the other four main characters...well at least two of them...I'm going to wait a little while to draw the three girls...mainly until after I get another art book...I did finish an extension to the story (the writing part)! I need to draw a few of the sences though...so that it will be sort of like a manga novel...

Anyways that is about it for today...


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