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Yay!!! another Four Panel!!! More 火ちゃん!!! And センセイ!!! Involving 火ちゃん's sudden obsession with chopsticks!!!

Here is the first 4's a crossover with Kira's and my stories...火ちゃん & フェボン!!!'s inked but I decided not to tone takes to long on the computer to tone...

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This is the plot line for my Original manga that I am writing extensions to for 30_Kisses and 15_Kisses...enjoy anyone that is there...

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Mini Manga

Mar. 5th, 2005 11:54 pm
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YES!!! I finished the pencil for the mini manga! Now it just needs inked and toned and ta da! Done! well it will be tomarrow...well a scan of the pencil copy is up on my photobucket account...
my scanner doesn't like pencil very much so the scan is pretty bad but I know cocacat15 wants to see it so it's sort of like a sneak peek...
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So much to do and soooo little time!!! And so many new ideas!!!

Well first school...I now hate kanji readings...tooooo many of them for kanji's own good! Why must 月 be read as ゲツ, ひ, and び !!!?? But it's really only び when it's the date....evil kanji....anyways I am fine with it...sort of...if I don't pass because if it though my water bottle is going to be very dead! x.x SQUASH!!!

But now for manga and story ideas!!! My manga is well...temporarily on hold because of cocacat15's cute characters! Hi-chan is just too cute of a right now I am working on a mini manga crossover with Hi-chan and one of my characters, soon as I have it done (hopefully tonight) I will return to my manga...which needs comic relief...despretly...but there is no time for it...sad...that is why they invented extension stories! (which I have one done in writing form that I will add a few manga frames some point)....oh and Sensei is a funny CAN'T MY CHARACTERS BE SO CUTE!!!??? (even if I am drawing both cocacat15's and my characters... o.O)

O.O time to finish cleaning room before parental unit returns from store!

-ja...evil kanji!
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LOL it's March!...well...Sukisyo is addicting...very addicting...and so かわいい!! Unfountunatly it takes a long time for torrents to I am stuck with waiting...

In April there are some 日本語 students coming to our area/school and our 日本語 せんせい needs some host families, so hopefully my parents will agree...crossing fingers and hoping...

I have two of my manga's characters in their final forms! now I just need to stop being lazy and draw the other four main characters...well at least two of them...I'm going to wait a little while to draw the three girls...mainly until after I get another art book...I did finish an extension to the story (the writing part)! I need to draw a few of the sences that it will be sort of like a manga novel...

Anyways that is about it for today...



Feb. 26th, 2005 07:07 pm
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I just finished writing the character bios for my newest story, Eternal Dream! Yay!!! Now I just have to start drawing it and work out where the page breaks will be...I love my shounen-ai pairing ^^.

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