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Portal 2 & Half-Life 2 Plot
April ___ - April ___

The Gods of Paradise like having fun. And well, testing is fun. So they've decided to turn the residents of Paradise into their own personal Test Subjects. During the duration of the event Test Subjects will be contained within a special Underground Testing Facility.

Secret Entrance to the Underground Testing Facility between the upper portion of the Northwest & Northeast Quadrants

Each Test Subject will be given an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device or Portal Gun. Portal Guns are able to create Portals between two different locations. By using the Portal Gun, Test Subjects will complete challenges in order to advance through the Underground Testing Facility. Once a Test Subject has completed all testing chambers, they will be rewarded with cake and grief counseling.

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device

Most of the Test Chambers contain dangerous ledges, toxic materials and robots that may be programmed to kill Test Subjects [Portal 2 Mechanics & Hazards]. In the event of the death of a Test Subject they will reappear at the beginning of that Test Chamber. Meaning they will have to go through the entire Test Chamber again in order to proceed. Test Subjects are encouraged to use any materials within the Test Chambers to aid them (such as buttons, cubes, spheres, etc) in completing the challenge. Test Subjects are also welcome to work in pairs in order to not quickly.

After all, this is for entertainment science.

Looking through a Portal into the Underground Testing Facility

Anyone not interested in testing will stay above ground, which of course has been infested with aliens. As well as a failed Utopian society. Doesn't testing sound better now?

Co-Op Test Subjects
Damian Wayne & Selim Kyle

Single Test Subjects

Alien Food

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